Maketarna is a scale model workshop based in Maribor, Slovenia (EU).

It started in 2020 with the idea of a workshop specialised in making scale models from recycled and biodegradable materials.
With the help of CZK (Centre for Creativity), EU regional development fund and Republic of Slovenia we have launched the service in september of 2021.

We make models of various scales and sizes for architects, artists, cultural institutions, collectors, crafts workshops, industrial designers, landscape architects, model makers, municipalities, product designers, students, urban designers, urban planners and others.

For model making we use modern technologies (3d printing and laser cutting) in combination with hand craftsmanship (plaster moulding/coating or woodworking) to provide best results. Our cost calculator allows costumers to get price estimations of making based on uploaded STL (stereolithic) models and desired finishing.

Our goal is to create a modern production workshop with low environmental impact. We are experimenting with materials that are recyclable or biodegradable – while durable enough for the purpose of model making. We have plans for testing some natural materials as well – ie. clay.

Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact by:

  • Reducing waste levels to minimum by reusing whenever possible
  • recycling failed 3d prints and test prototypes into new printable filaments
  • Using biodegradable filaments when recycled filament is not an option
  • Using casted plaster as the material for models that are made in series
  • Using used paper/cardboard as filling material
  • Keeping energy consumption levels low
  • Limiting the transportation and delivery to regions inside EU.

We are constantly looking for new possibilities and ways to improve our service.